5 best exercises to improve hip mobility!


Working on the mobility of the musculoskeletal system is one of the most important aspects in the context of proper exercise technique. Is there a chance for even better results with regular hip mobility training? Find out the top 5 exercises to improve hip mobility.

Why is it worth doing exercises to improve hip mobility?

Recently, the topic of body mobility has been in the focus of most personal trainers. Muscle and tendon contractions that are limited (e.g. due to a sedentary lifestyle or lack of stretching exercises in the training plan) increase the risk of injury, which is associated with limited joint mobility and insufficient stability during the movement. Mobility and stability go hand in hand – working on one of these skills often indirectly affects the other.

The pelvis is one of the key elements of the kinematic chain. Maintaining optimum functionality and the lack of any limitations in it has an extremely positive impact on performing many exercises. The ability to assume correct starting positions or involvement of lower limbs is often associated with hip mobility – therefore, taking into account the exercises that improve the mobility, it will enable safe training and a real impact on leg muscle development. In addition, thanks to better hip mobility, you can protect your spine, without overloading it if you do some exercises incorrectly.

5 best exercises to improve hip mobility – the list

Experienced athletes as well as amateurs will appreciate the benefits of performing exercises to improve hip mobility. Their valuable effects and results will be equally valuable for runners, footballers, bodybuilding enthusiasts, crossfit fans, as well as people who exercise recreationally and those who avoid an active lifestyle! Here are 5 best ways to improve hip mobility:

  • Lunges
  • Cossack squats
  • Wide-stance squats
  • Active deepening of the forward kneeling
  • Lower limb rotation in the hip joint (standing or in a supported kneeling position)

Exercises to improve hip mobility – valuable tips

The most important principle is calmness and self-control! While performing exercises to improve hip mobility, it is worthwhile to gradually deepen the range of motion in order not to strain the muscles or tendons. Each movement is done slowly, while trying to feel the structures involved as much as possible and combine them with regular work of the breathing system. During exhalation, it is worthwhile to work on stretching the muscles in order to systematically increase the range of motion.