A wise diet and well thought-out training plan are the simplest way towards a dream body. The simplest, but not the easiest. Sometimes it is good to support the body in its fight with excess kilograms by using natural products. If you choose the right methods, you will soon see the difference.

How to support the diet and the workout?

Fat burners are supplements used to enhance fat tissue reduction. Properly selected ingredients accelerate metabolism and increase body temperature, an effect attainable both during physical activity and when resting. Fat burners should be taken on an empty stomach or before the main meal during the day. Owing to their properties, fat burners enhance thermogenesis and boost metabolism.

A good fat burner can supplement exercises and diet, but must never be used as the basis of the weight loss process. The market abounds in all kinds of substances that are claimed by the producers to enhance the sculpting of a perfect body. The fat burner ranking of 2015 lists several products which not only mobilise the body to burn fat but also reduce hunger and regulate the appetite. When wondering which fat burner to choose, it is good to learn the opinions of more experienced users.

Which fat burners are the best?

Opinions concerning the best fat burners are divided. The action of individual products depends on a number of factors, such as metabolism, diet intensity, the training plan, the condition of the body and many more.

In accordance with the ranking of the most popular fat burners in 2015, individual synthetic supplements in the form of capsules, powder or tablets, differ in terms of the vegetable substances used. Some of the products that we use as food on a daily basis have similar properties. Among the most popular fat burners which accelerate metabolism and increase body temperature are:

  • garlic;
  • citrus fruit;
  • spices, e.g. cinnamon, ginger, chilli pepper, pepper;
  • leguminous plants;
  • green tea;
  • green coffee.

Capsaicin, a perfect aid in fat burning

The hotness of pepper has one culprit only, i.e. capsaicin. The compound acts on pain receptors, causing a sensation of spiciness in the mouth. Capsaicin significantly reduces the sensitivity to thermal stimuli. In normal circumstances, we feel pain when the temperature exceeds 40°C. Capsaicin brings this threshold down to 25°C. The product releases from the adrenal glands specific hormones to decompose reserve fat molecules in the adipose tissue and increase resting metabolism, which consumes a considerable amount of energy. The resting metabolism remains raised for about 10 hours from eating a portion of capsaicin, as a result of which you easily burn more calories.

Research shows that capsaicin increases energy expenditure and fat burning, and its inclusion into the diet in the form of fat burners can support weight control. Knowing this, you may want to consider trying products with cayenne pepper extract.

The human body contains two types of adipose tissue: the white one and the brown one. White adipose tissue is a warehouse of energy, but excess amounts of such energy can lead to obesity. Brown adipose tissue, in turn, is metabolically active and ensures the proper body temperature. By burning it, you convert it into heat. The bigger the content of the brown adipose tissue, the less the white fat in your body. Research shows that capsaicin may serve as a stimulus for white fat conversion into brown fat, which makes it a good fat burner.

Ginger works, too!

Ginger root promotes digestion, helps lower the blood pressure and cholesterol and reduces the production of gastric acids, thus facilitating the evacuation of excess water from the body.

According to tests, ginger is a very effective fat burner, as it inhibits the multiplication and maturation of fat cells and development of fat tissue. Additionally, ginger enhances the production of lipase, an enzyme that is sensitive to hormones and degrades fat.

Ginger counteracts obesity and facilitates fat reduction by increasing the concentration of mitochondrial DNA and the number of mitochondria in skeletal muscles.

Both capsaicin and ginger have been known for ages to accelerate metabolism. When combined with other active ingredients, vitamins and minerals, they are unbeaten in burning fat.