Hamstring exercises that are worth doing


Having no idea how to properly take care of the development of your hamstrings? Don’t worry! We would like to present some excellent exercises for the hamstrings which are worth including in your training plan!

Why is it worth doing hamstring exercises?

The term “hamstrings” is defined as one of the three elements that contribute to the rear group of thigh muscles. Together with the semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles, they are often called the ischiocrural muscles. These muscles perform bi-joint work. This includes the extension, external rotation and adduction of the thigh in the hip joint as well as the bend and gentle supination of the knee joint. Moreover, each of the heads influences the control of mobility and the position of the pelvis.

Regular training of the hamstrings helps to reduce the risk of injuries that may arise from, for example:

  • insufficient muscular strength,
  • low level of muscle endurance,
  • poorly done warm-up before the planned workout,
  • reduced mobility and flexibility of the muscle structures,
  • poor stabilisation of the torso, the so-called deep feeling

The best hamstring exercises that can be performed in the gym

Professional training equipment in a fitness club or gym allows you to comprehensively engage your hamstrings. Exercises for this part of the body also affect other muscle groups, e.g. the butt, erector spinae and other rear thigh muscles. Which will be the best choice for training the hamstrings?

  • different types of deadlift
  • lying hamstring curls
  • weighted one-legged deadlift
  • one-legged Roman chair raises

The best exercises for the hamstrings that can be performed at home

However, no one has said that it is impossible to train your hamstrings at home. Thanks to the right exercises, there is a chance for effective development of this muscle in your own home. What should be done to increase the involvement of hamstrings?

  • crane
  • X-walk
  • one-legged hip thrust
  • Copenhagen adduction
  • weighted glute bridge (eg. with a water bottle)
  • gymnastic band hamstring curls

Hamstring exercises and supplementation – what should be used?

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