How to lose weight without losing muscle?


Those who try to improve their weight loss results repeatedly face the problem of losing excessive weight. Careless reduction of adipose tissue and intensive struggle with excessive kilograms make it possible to get rid of much more than planned. How to lose weight without losing muscles and is this even possible?

How to lose weight without losing muscle: adequate intake of protein in the diet

The fundamental issue for preserving muscle mass is, of course, the consumption of an appropriate amount of protein rich in essential amino acids. An increased supply of complete proteins will really help to protect the muscles during weight loss, which is often accompanied by a considerable energy deficit and an increased risk of muscle protein breakdown.

During the weight loss period you can use the Pure Whey Isolate 95 protein supplement, which provides a high quality whey protein isolate without the addition of unnecessary sugar and fat. Thanks to the high concentration of proteins, the product will work well as a handy source that is available in several incredibly delicious flavours. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand recommends this product to people who care about their body shape and do not want to allow unwanted muscle loss.

How to lose weight without losing muscle: fat burners

For many people, losing weight means getting rid of excess fat. Unfortunately, the body first obtains energy from the proteins that contribute to muscle formation. However, the increase in the intensity of the workout will not necessarily translate into fat burning. That is why products known as fat burners will turn out to be a good solution.

Products such as Thermo Speed Extreme or Thermo Speed Hardcore from Olimp Sport Nutrition are multi-ingredient compositions containing highly standardized plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and a number of other substances (such as caffeine or L-tyrosine) affecting the process of weight loss and shaping of a slim body. Ingredients contained in the products may cause, among others, intensification of thermogenesis and increase in heat production, reduction of fatigue, increase in training efficiency or help in maintaining an optimal metabolic rate. Components contained in fat burners may be beneficial against free oxygen radicals and may increase protection of cells against the adverse effects of oxidative stress.

How to lose weight without losing muscle: protein snacks

One of the basic principles of rational nutrition is regular eating. The daily calorie count can be safely divided into several main portions and small snacks, which can prove useful, e.g. after a workout or while away from home and without the option of eating something with ‘good macros’. That is why the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand recommends the unique protein bars, such as the Olimp Protein Bar, which, thanks to their delicious flavours and incredible consistency will effectively let you forget about high-calorie sweets.