Summer holidays and beach visits are perfect occasions to show off the beautiful body that you have been working hard for during the year. A tailored training plan and healthy diet are the key to develop a nice, muscular body, even if you are  endomorphic. 

How to lose weight to have an admirable body

Every fitness fan knows that a beautiful body is not made within two or three months of intense effort. This way of thinking is a common mistake of those who are just about to start their bodybuilding adventure. There is no way for an endomorphic to turn into an strongman within such a short time. If you want to show off a “six-pack” in the summer, you need to start much earlier. What you have to do to develop a beach body is eat healthy and train wisely and regularly.

You should also make sure that you are not losing weight too quickly, as then you will lose strength together with the kilograms. If this happens, revise the calorific value of your meals and check whether your workout is not dominated by aerobic exercises.

Another reason behind excess weight loss is insufficient anti-catabolic protection, as then HMB, L-glutamine, taurine or BCAA deficiencies may occur. If the fat burning process is too rapid, it can be accompanied by loss in the muscle mass, which is highly undesirable. If this is the case, consider changing the calorific value of your meals to supply your body with more calories. What you should remember, however, is that carbohydrates cause subcutaneous fluid retention, thus concealing the effects of your reduction. It is best to reach for carbohydrates from oils, including linseed oil.

What if the fat-burning process is too slow?

If you devote adequate time to aerobic exercises but still the effects (i.e. fat burning) are far from satisfactory, it is probably your diet that should be blamed. Perhaps, although calorie-restricted, it is of poor quality, meaning that despite cutting down on the calorific value of your meals, you failed at changing the sources of calories, while improperly selected calorie sources favour excessive fat development. Eating good quality foods, i.e. chemically unprocessed products without preservatives, does not put excessive strain on the digestive tract and supports the metabolism. If you follow these rules, you can eat more with the same calorific balance, which is beneficial to the muscles, as they are better nourished if you provide them with more food.

Another common mistake is a too big calorific deficit. Such conduct slows down the metabolism and, although you quickly lose weight, the adipose tissue is not reduced at the pace that the calorific deficit would suggest. An error like this can be easily corrected. It is enough to increase the calorific value of the meals and extend the time of aerobic sessions.

Finally, the last mistake to mention, which prevents regular and effective fat loss, is abandonment of fat burner supplementation. Fat burners accelerate fat loss and enhance the effects of reduction.

A way to develop a beach body

Before you start to sculpt your body, you need to burn the fat that keeps you away from your dream beach form. But remember to act wisely and make sure that fat loss is a gradual process.

How to lose weight? First and foremost, switch to a well-balanced fat reduction diet.