Quadriceps thigh muscles stretching exercises


Each workout should be started with a solid warm-up which will prepare the muscles for further work. After the workout, it is worthwhile to perform stretching exercises, which may prove to be a valuable solution for maintaining an optimal level of mobility. In the case of leg muscles, and specifically the popular “quads”, we would like to present below stretching exercises for the quadriceps of the thigh.

Why is it worthwhile to perform stretching exercises for the quadriceps of the thighs?

The quadriceps muscle of the thigh is one of the largest muscles of the whole body and is therefore a fundamental part of the legs. Workouts aimed at increasing its strength and endurance will be equally effective for bodybuilders, footballers, runners and enthusiasts of other demanding sports. Apart from strengthening this body part, one should not forget about stretching exercises, which are worth doing before and after the planned workout.

Performing stretching exercises for the quadriceps muscles of the thigh is recommended both after long-distance and endurance training (e.g. many kilometres of cross-country running or cycling), as well as after classic strength training (e.g. barbell squats or dumbbell lunges). Moreover, stretching of thigh muscles is recommended in case of a prolonged sitting position. In all these cases there is a considerable risk of shortening the muscle structures and developing uncomfortable contractions. Hence, it would be a short way to an injury which may exclude you from training for a long time.

Stretching exercises for quadriceps thigh muscles that are worth including in the training plan

It doesn’t take too long to do quadriceps stretching exercises! Just 10 minutes every day is enough to provide the muscle structures with the optimum level of flexibility and keep the muscles in shape. The low level of difficulty of these exercises makes it possible for practically everyone, regardless of their level of experience, to try them out.

Which quadriceps thigh muscle stretching exercises should be included in your training plan? Here are 3 suggestions worthy of attention!

  • Controlled back falls in a kneeling position. While in motion, keep your knees together on the ground and prevent your spine from hyperextending.
  • Pushing the hip forward in the kneeling position. Try to pull the heel of the back leg to the butt.
  • Pushing the hips forward in the kneeling position. The foot of the back leg is firmly supported by a fixed object (e.g. exercise box or ladder rung).

You should be able to hold 30 to 60 seconds in each position, but you can adjust the time individually to your needs and possibilities. Stretching exercises for the quadriceps of the thigh muscles are best done after the workout as one of the forms of relaxation and post-workout stretching.