Rubber training bands – a real breakthrough in buttock training!


Can you develop a beautiful figure and firm buttocks using rubber training  bands?

Long hours at gym, and you still cannot achieve the desired effect? Maybe it is worth choosing a completely new dimension of exercise? Leave behind the weights for a moment, give up and forget about exercising on various machines, and try durable mini rubber training bands. Discover how they can help you on your way to a slim figure!

What are rubber training bands and what are the benefits of using them?

Mini rubber bands are small training accessories that will definitely steal the hearts of exercise enthusiasts and those who want to spend their free time getting active. Originally, rubber training bands were made of stretchable latex ensuring high resistance related to the pulling force. Currently, training equipment manufacturers are focusing on elasticated fabric  bands, which not only provide a similar level of flexibility, but also  resistance to mechanical deformation. The fabrics of the mini band straps are also skin-friendly – they do not cause irritation, do not rub the body and do not pose even the slightest risk of allergic reactions, which is a common problem with latex material.

Mini rubber training  bands are recommended for everyone and for all sports. There are no specific indications or contraindications to the use of rubber training bands as an element to enrich an existing training regime. The simple design, small size and ease of use make mini band straps work successfully, e.g. they can be used for home training or outdoor exercise. Small elasticated fabric bands can be used, among other things, as a supplement to stretching exercises, football training or yoga and pilates sessions. Everyone, regardless of their own skill level, will be able to benefit from the use of rubber training bands.

Advantages of rubber training bands

  • They enable the involvement of virtually every muscle group
  • They are great for training the legs, hips and buttocks
  • They have modulated and controlled resistance, which can be adapted to needs and capabilities
  • They work as accessories that facilitate muscle activation during warm-up
  • They are good for improving muscle endurance
  • Universal use – they will work equally well during weight loss, body shaping or muscle strength improvement
  • Recommended for women and men at all progress levels
  • They reduce the risk of dangerous injuries
  • They can help improve range of motion and increase the mobility of joints
  • The hypoallergenic fabrics are strong and highly extendable
  • The small size and weight allow for easy packing into a training bag

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Optimal buttock exercises with rubber training bands!

Training plans based on exercises using the properties of rubber training bands are great for shaping the buttocks – one of the most-exercised areas among women! Achieving firm and visibly defined muscles in this part of the body is the aim of most active leisure enthusiasts. Thanks to Olimp Sport Nutrition rubber training bands, their efforts will now bring even better results! Here are a few simple exercises that will help you achieve the desired slim figure.