Shoulder training. How to develop a v-shaped body?


How to develop a V-shaped body? Try shoulder training.

V-shape body is desired by many. If you are asking yourself how to get a v shaped body, the answer is shoulders. Shoulders with well-developed back muscles give the body a V-shape, which is a desired feature of bodybuilders. With an appropriately chosen shoulder routine you will get a nice, proportional physique. Check our v shaped body workout and get the looks you crave so much.

How to make your shoulders broader?

Working on making your shoulders broader requires a good training plan. Utilising the prober exercises is key for making your shoulders broader. Thankfully our workout does just that. Below you will find all the tips for bodybuilding a v shape of your body. Making your shoulders broader was newer easier. Remember with the right tools and a proper plan you can achieve great results.

How to get a V shaped body

V shape body workout. Try our proven workout that will get your body into v shape. The training routine was designed to maximize the effects of V shape body.

V shape shoulder workout

1. Shoulder Exercises for a V shaped body

  • Beginner workout routine
  • Intermediate workout routine
  • Advanced workout routine

2. Broad Shoulders Effect exercises for a V shaped body

  • Power-packed triceps
  • Broad back
  • Slim waist

The bigger the difference between shoulder breadth and waist, the more proportionate the body.

1.  Shoulder Exercises for V shaped body

To get such an effect, you need thoroughly planned shoulder exercises.

Shoulder breadth depends on a comprehensive development of the weight of all heads of the deltoids (anterior, lateral and posterior) and on the structure of the skeleton system, i.e. the setting of acromia.

If the mass of deltoids is too low, shoulder exercises should help you build them up evenly.

All you need to do is adjust the number and order of the exercises to your advancement level.


  1. Seated Dumbbell Press 3-4×8-10,
  2. Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3-4×8-10.


  1. Barbell Shoulder Press: 4×8-10,
  2. Dumbbell Lateral Raise: 4×10-12,
  3. Bent Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4×12-15.


  1. Bent Over Dumbbell Raise
  2. Reverse Butterfly
  3. Seated Dumbbell Press
  4. Wide Grip Barbell Upright Row

The last of these workout routines is targeted at those who have visible proportion disturbances. In such case, emphasis is placed on posterior deltoid heads. We want to train them in the first place, so more reps of individual exercises or whole series should be made.

2.  Broad Shoulders Effect for building a v shape

Nonetheless, sometimes shoulders seem too small although the deltoids are well developed. This may be the case, for instance, if the acromia are set too close to each other.

Then, you should work to better develop your three-headed muscles (triceps).

It is especially important for bodybuilders who participate in competitions.

But when on stage, bodybuilding is also illusion. Even among the best athletes are some with narrow shoulders. But still, they can present themselves in such a way no one can see it.

Power-packed triceps for v shape

When lined up, power-packed triceps will always stick out in relation to shoulders. If you raise your elbows a bit, they will look like shoulder extension. This body position makes the competitor look broader.

It is also a favourite position of one of the best bodybuilders in history, Phillip Heath, multiple winner of the Mr. Olympia title,  who has narrowly set collar bones. Nobody ever says he has narrow shoulders seeing him on stage.

Broad back for v shape

Another way to make your shoulders look broad, especially when lined up and facing backwards, is by a strong work on the breadth and thickness of back muscles. Well developed back diverts jury’s and audience’s attention from the competitor’s shoulders, leaving the impression that they are broad.

If you combine these two tricks, the effect will be even bigger.

Slim waist workout for v shape

Finally, you can also work to make your waist slim.
In this case, however, you need time to achieve a spectacular effect, and long workouts are not always successful.
To make things easier, you can wear a belt while working out, especially when doing squats, deadlifts, bent over rows etc. Some athletes even choose dedicated corsets, which help them get good results.

When you succeed, i.e. get a slim waist, the difference between the waist and the shoulders will be bigger, making your shoulders look broader. This routine will allow you to get the desired v shape body. The described exercises for v shape were designed for maximum efficiency. If you are looking for good results and the desired V shape body.

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