The invincible Robert Karaś joins Olimp Sport Nutrition!


We are delighted to announce that the unbeatable world champion and one of the greatest triathletes to date, Robert Karaś, has joined our team of professional athletes. We are excited to support Robert on his way to winning more titles.

Robert Karaś’s illustrious career is a string of real successes that resulted from continuous work on his fitness, many sacrifices and strong determination. Among numerous won tournaments, his most noteworthy performance was winning the Ironman 2014 Polish Championship, breaking the world record in both Double Ironman (2017) and Triple Ironman (2018), and victory in the Triple Ironman 2018 World Championship. What’s even-more remarkable is that in 2019 Karaś set another world record for the Double Ironman and beat his own time by 1 hour and 4 seconds!

There’s no denying that competing is Robert’s passion. We strongly believe that his rigorous training accompanied with proper supplementation provided by Olimp is the key to achieving further successes and winning even more titles.
As we root for him in the upcoming season, we can’t wait to share his journey with you and to celebrate his future accomplishments.

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Remember, when it comes to sports, there is nothing more important to us than your passion and helping you reach your goals.